20% of Daily Google Searches Never Done Before?

Yesterday, Hubspot put out a new whitepaper called “How to Spot Bad SEO Services”. It’s free, as is much of Hubspot’s great information.

However, in the promo for it that I received in my email was the claim that “Each day, 20% of Google searches consist of terms that have never been searched before!

Really? That seems like a huge number to me, and I wondered where it came from.

I checked in Hubspot’s paper, but couldn’t find a source for this assertion. So, I turned to Google, where I found a similar statistic cited in a UK conference back in April, 2007. I also found lots of other posts repeating the Hubspot claim, but no other information.

Which left me wondering whether it’s still true today that 20% of Google search terms every day have never been searched before. I know that there are a lot of people searching, but 20% is a large proportion, and to have that number of completely new and unique terms every day at this point in the usage of the Internet seems unlikely to me.

Of course, as Hubspot points out, if it’s true, there are still huge opportunities for anyone who can figure out the right keywords to be at the forefront of the results when someone finally searches for them ;-)

I’m not saying that Hubspot are wrong, just that I’d love to find out where they got the numbers from. Does anyone know?

2 Responses to “20% of Daily Google Searches Never Done Before?”

  • I suppose if you account for people searching phone numbers, [persons name] + [other info], and other bits of random information you could get in the 20% range.. but I agree it seems really high!

  • Like you, I’ve also come across this statistic being mentioned, and I also had a difficult time believing it could be quite that high…at least until it was explained that many daily searches cover news events that have just happened, or are related to very recent events.

    When you think about that, you realize that 20% is probably fairly reasonable. It also highlights how much SEO leverage many web publishers and SEOs leave untapped by not weaving current news and conversation into their SEO tactics.

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