Monthly Archive for June, 2010

The Small Business Marketing Joy Summit

I’m taking a quick break from my usual posts to announce an exciting upcoming happening which I’m honoured to be a part of:

On June 28th, I’m teaching at an online event designed for small business owners, solo practitioners, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in growing their business – the free Small Business Marketing Joysummit. I’ll be joining a really amazing group of 10 speakers who are experts on everything from SEO to web strategy, sales, business planning and competing without discounting.

The full lineup is:

  • Mitch Axelrod – author of the New Game of Business
  • Tim Berry – CEO of Palo Alto Software, Business Planning Expert
  • Joyce Bone – Millionaire Mom
  • Ann Michael Henry – Productivity Chef
  • Kent Lewis – Founder and President of Anvil Media and Formic Media, SEO Expert
  • Delia Passi – CEO of Medelia, Inc. and Founder of Women’s Certified, Selling to Women Expert
  • Sarah Petty – Boutique marketing expert
  • Melanie Benson Strick – CEO of Success Connections
  • Crystal Williamson – Technology Coach and Guru

and me, of course! Each speaker has recorded an hour of solid content – mine was about “Leaky Boat Websites – and How to Prevent Them”.

You can register now, and gain online access to all 10 speaker recordings at no cost anytime on June 28th. Or (disclaimer – I do get a part of these proceeds, but a part also goes to Kiva which is a wonderful cause), you can buy the complete set of 10 for only $49 before June 27th.

Check it out!