3 Twitter Marketing Tips for Authors

I just came back from an amazing retreat for Berrett-Koehler authors.
Note: in full disclosure, I’m not currently published by BK, but I spoke for them recently, and had such a great time that I asked to join the authors’ co-op.

At the event, we talked a lot about how to use social media for both research and marketing. Here are a few tips for using Twitter that I found useful while working on my upcoming book:

  1. Use keyword hashtags. There are a lot of folks now producing daily digests and online newspapers (using paper.li for example), who find material by looking for hashtags (e.g. “#hiring” or “#leadership”.) If you tag your tweets with suitable keywords, you stand a much better chance of being picked up and retweeted.
  2. Track your own mentions. Make sure that you have two columns in your Hootsuite or Tweetdeck that track tweets about you – one column for your twitter handle, and one for your actual name. Then you can see all the places where you get picked up or retweeted as per #1 above, and thank / connect with those folks since they’re clearly interested in your content and hopefully looking for more.
  3. Look for possible LinkedIn connections. This one takes a little more time, but used judiciously has paid off for me. When someone follows me on Twitter I quickly check their profile to see if they look interesting. If so, I check them out on LinkedIn where there’ll probably be a much more robust profile, and on a selective basis, invite them to connect on LinkedIn too. I’ve met some very worthwhile people this way.

Several people at the retreat questioned whether other authors had received actual business from participating in social media. I have, which is why I continue to follow tips such as these!

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