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The Reported Decline of Social Media – Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics?

There are 2 articles out today from highly credible sources that report declining usage of social media.

In the first, eMarketer Digital Intelligence declares “Data on Twitter Decline Stacks Up”. The piece quotes figures from comScore, Compete and Nielsen, all of which find that traffic to is lessening month by month.

However, eMarketer also admits that this trend may be misleading, since increasing numbers of visitors access Twitter through third-party applications such as Tweetdeck, and especially through mobile devices. These figures are not so far included in the agencies’ ratings. It does seem that projections for increasing use of Twitter overall are still on track.

Meanwhile, the BBC News Magazine has a page called “What Happened to Second Life?” The story says: “Today you’d be forgiven for asking if it’s still going”. It attributes the site’s difficulties in part to its complexity of use, and also to its inability to run on mobile devices because of memory requirements.

I think if the BBC had interviewed my good friend Dan Parks, who owns the Virtualis Convention Center within Second Life, they might have heard a different story. Dan’s creation is truly cutting-edge, and has become highly sought after for both corporate and association events.

So, as usual, any theory can be proved by selecting appropriate numbers – what’s really true?