Starting to Take My Own Medicine . . .

As of today, my brand new Website has been up for 10 days, and it’s time to do what I recommend to all my clients, and start looking at my Google Analytics for some useful, actionable information.

This is a pretty salutary experience – my site is literally new and has almost no presence in search engines (Bing seems to be picking it up faster than Google) – so traffic numbers are pretty small.

I do see a couple of interesting things.  One is a great illustration of something that I tell my audiences a lot – there are always people who get to your site by mistake, and you need to decide whether you want to do anything about them.  I noticed a visitor who did a search for “Birkman study” and came to my site because I have a success story from some consulting that I did with Birkman International. This visitor left right away, which makes sense because clearly they were looking for Birkman’s expertise, not mine!

I’m also intrigued to see a few referrals to my site from Twitter, all of which record a 100% bounce rate (that is, visitors leaving immediately), and zero time on the site. Since someone retweeted the article that I’d referenced with a comment, I know that at least one person read the page, which meant that they spent time on it. Hopefully as the site traffic builds, I can shed more light on this.

Other than that, nothing earth-shattering, but there’s also not enough volume to make any findings statistically significant yet – there’s my next challenge!

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