The Emotionally Connected Doctor’s Website

I’ve been dealing with one of those annoying women’s issues recently, so I decided to do some online research to find a doctor who might be able to help.  I was looking for someone who wouldn’t just immediately recommend major surgery, and who would clearly look at all my options.

Most medical Websites which talk about treatment for specific conditions are full of jargon and complex language.  If you’re a layperson, it can be pretty scary stuff!  And if you read the bios of the practitioners, they’re usually very official, full of impressive qualifications, but impersonal.

So I was thrilled to find a site called “Alternatives in Gynecology”. This site belongs to Dr. Paul Indman, and I was so impressed by how emotionally connected it felt to me. When I met Dr. Indman, he told me that he had written the copy himself, so I was even more wowed!

Specifically, the best practices that this site demonstrates include:

  • it provides clear descriptions of various conditions, with diagrams, in an easy to read style. We printed several pages for further study so that we were really well educated about what he might say, and the terms he might use.

  • Dr. Indman also lays out a number of different approaches that he takes to treatment, explaining his decision making process and the pros and cons of each protocol. Again, reading this ahead of time helped prepare us for the office visit.
  • It’s very clear that both the doctor and his staff are concerned to help patients to find the most affordable solution for them, and that they understand that many people are challenged by the cost of healthcare.

So the copy and presentation of this site very clearly understands me, the visitor, my needs and my concerns, and it addresses them all in a very empathetic manner. I told Dr. Indman that this was the most emotionally connected doctor’s Website that I’ve seen!

Of course, then I discovered that my health insurance company doesn’t include this practice and won’t cover me to consult with this expert – but that’s another story . . . :-(

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